XPS to PDF Converter

Covert any XPS file into a PDF one in just a matter of seconds using our XPS to PDF converter. All you need to do is upload your XPS file using the “Upload File” button and you’ll be good to go. There’s no need to sign up or download software to get this done, and the best thing is that our converter leaves no watermark when the final output i.e. PDF is generated.

What is XPS to PDF Converter?

What an XPS to PDF converter does is that it simply takes an XPS file and converts it into a PDF file without any emblem (watermark). Although you can upload more than 1 XPS file to do the conversion, if you’re facing problems, you’re suggested convert one by one.


Unlike other XPS to PDF converters that can’t help but generate poor-quality PDFs, our tool has been designed to offer you high-quality PDFs by doing the conversion at the speed of light. To know how much time it takes for the conversion to take place, please refer to the question below.

What is an XPS file?

The XPS, which stands for XML Paper Specification, is a file format that is used to create, render, archive, and print documents. It could be considered as an alternative to PDF. The XPS was developed by Microsoft and includes XML markups through which the layout of a document is defined. Although both PDF and XPS file formats use compressing, they use different methods for this approach.

How to Convert XPS to PDF?

The only thing you’re meant to do is drag your .xps or .oxps file into the box that says “Drop your files here” and wait for the conversion dialogue to appear on the screen. Then, you need to choose the options to adjust the quality of the generating file (the .pdf file) as per your personal preference.

After you’ve dropped or uploaded your .xps or .oxps file, if you’re seeing an error, it may be due to the invalid file. So, double-check that you are using a valid .oxps file by opening and viewing it till you reach the end of the file (to make sure that no part/data is missing from the file you’re trying to convert).

Do I need to Sign Up for Conversion?

The best thing about our converter is that it doesn’t require you to register yourself on the website to do the conversion on an XPS file. All you’re supposed to do is upload a valid XPS file and there you have it.

Your privacy is important to us, and that’s why every single file that you upload on the server gets deleted after you’re done with the conversion process. So, you can rest assured because there’s no way we save anything you share with us.

How quick is XPS converted into PDF?

We know where you’re coming from. We know that you want the conversion to happen at the speed of light, and we get it—keeping you in the waiting line is not our kind of thing. That’s why we’ve made sure that your XPS file is converted into PDF in next to no time, giving you the peace of mind.

Do I need to download software?

What sets our XPS-to-PDF converter apart from the crowd is that we don’t ask you to download a software or install a chrome extension to do the conversion. The time that it takes for our online converter to convert XPS to PDF actually depends on the size of the file.

Let’s say, you’re converting an XPS file of 12KB, in that case, our online XPS to PDF converter will let the magic begin in 1 second and will only take 5 seconds for the final output file. You can download your PDF file after that without paying anything (it’s FREE).

Is XPS better than PDF?

The short answer is “NO”. When it comes to achieving dynamic functionality, no wonder the PDF file format easily manages to get the upper hand over the XPS file format. Yes, there’re some features that make XPS quite noticeable, but as far as the overall features are taken into account, PDF is one step ahead in the race. That’s why you should convert your XPS file to a PDF one today using our online converter.